Orte, Räume, Notationen

Places, Spaces, Notations

Author: Karl-Heinz Bogner

ISBN 978-3-88778-595-6

64 Pages

Format: 17 cm x 24 cm

Language: Englisch

1. Print, Hardcover

Published: September 2020

14,80 plus shipping costs

In his works, the Stuttgart artist Karl-Heinz Bogner processes impressions of built spaces, places and landscapes and develops them further into independent and complex reflections on space and imagination. Fragments and systems, structure and topography, metaphor, and reification merge in drawings and objects. With this eclectic approach he creates new worlds. In the interweaving of pictorial invention and seemingly familiar sign systems, his works oscillate between references to another reality and the one created in the work itself. They disclose themselves to the new discovery of the environment and of the space and challenge the viewer to a substantive rendition and interpretation.

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