Pierre auf der großen Welle - Pierre Rides the Big Wave

The summer

Author: Silvana Quintarelli, Sabrina Caprini

ISBN 978-3-943290-13-4

20 Pages

Format: 19,8 x 14 cm

Language: english & german

Published: September 2012

11,95 plus shipping costs

The last but no less exciting children's book for the series "The Four Seasons" belongs to the cheeky little Pierre, who never has enough of adventure. Washed from the sea to the beach, Pierre crawls on his discovery tour. Courageously he dares to approach the people and then it comes to a direct encounter with them.

"Hey, you ashore, I'm coming!" Well, that's Pierre. The naughty little cancer enjoys the summer to the full: A little cool surfing on the big wave and a leisurely walk on the beach in the summer evening sun. What he expected there today ...


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