The Society of Interiors

Author: Rochus Hinkel, Tatjana Schneider

ISBN 978-3-88778-490-4

160 Pages

Format: 12 x 16,4 cm

Language: english

Paperback (also available as e-book)

Published: November 2016

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The Society of Interiors discusses a variety of spatial practices which critique, reveal, and resist the economical logic of a neo-liberal market. A market that caters for exclusiveness and individualities, where public space becomes an interior, that is highly controlled and privatized. The different essays unpack, develop and expand a diversity of interior and spatial practices in urban contexts that allow for a diverse public, express differences, and create other experiences and situations.

Authors include the architect and researcher Tatjana Schneider, editor of the publication Spatial Agency (Routledge 2011); the activist architect Petra Pferdmenges from alive architecture in Brussels, the architectural theorist Peter Lang; the architect and artist Tor Lindstrand; as well as Rochus Hinkel, whose research focuses on the intersections between interior, architecture and urban environments. Hinkel is also the editor of Urban Interior: Informal Explorations, Interventions, and Occupations (Spurbuch 2011).

Also available as e-book on Kindle and Bookmate
ISBN: 978-3-88778-904-0


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