Scandalous Space

Between architecture and archaeology

Author: Alessandro Zambelli

ISBN 978-3-88778-562-8

256 Pages

Format: 12 x 16,5 cm

Language: english

1. print run, Paperback

Published: October 2019

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If architecture is a design-centred discipline which proceeds by suggesting propositional constructions then, Zambelli argues, archaeology also designs, but in the form of reconstructions. He proposes that whilst practitioners of architecture and archaeology generally purport to practice in future-facing and past-facing-modes respectively, elements of these disciplines also resemble one another. Zambelli speculates that whilst some of these resemblances have remained explicit and revealed, others have become occluded with time, but that all such resemblances share homological similarities of interconnected disciplinary origin making available in the scandalous space between them a logically underpinned, visually analogical form of practice.

Alessandro Zambelli (PhD) is an architect, academic and researcher at the University of Portsmouth. He publishes and participates in the developing field of architectural / archaeological / anthropological interdisciplinarity, especially as it relates to design and drawing. As part of the collaborative Wastes and Strays project he also researches urban commons and commoning.


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