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Published: October 2016

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NEW MANIFOLD, the inaugural issue of SAC JOURNAL, addresses the increased specialisation and possible fragmentation of expertise within architecture. Whilst historically always an amalgam of numerous forms of input, architecture is currently facing the necessity to assimilate and process hitherto unprecedented amounts and rates of information flow. How can architecture relate to emerging forms of specialisation within the discipline - not the least in its pedagogy and academic programmes?  

VIVID, EFFERVESCENT AND NERVOUS: MEDIATED ARCHITECTURE presents the Theatre of Immanence (2007), an installation and exhibition project in Städelschules Portikus gallery; Digital Bodies (2013-14), an experimental research project in transformational modelling; and Orkhēstra (2014), which was an installation on a large, public square in Frankfurt and part of Luminale, Biennale of Lighting Culture. The projects vary in scale and nature from gallery installation via laboratory-style modelling experiment to an urban intervention. They span a period in which architectures contribution to the production of space has become increasingly mediated by technology. Each in their own way, the three projects probe this condition and explore new design opportunities given to architecture. The results are vivid, effervescent and nervous -  and always a mediated architecture. Accompanying extensive portfolios of drawings and pictures that document the respective design processes and their results, are texts that expound on the theoretical and practical implications of each project. 

Text contributors to SAC JOURNAL No. 2 includeSanford Kwinter, Daniel Birnbaum, Maraike Bückling, Sebastian Oschatz, Mathias Wollin, Mirco Becker and Johan Bettum.

SAC JOURNAL by the Städelschule Architecture Class – one of the most experimental and internationally renowned postgraduate courses in architecture in Europe – publishes essays and projects by invited national and international contributors, students and faculty. The Städelschule Architecture Class has been led by globally respected architects and teachers such as Günther Bock, Peter Cook and Enric Miralles. With Ben van Berkel as its current Dean, alongside the involvement of international scholars and architects such as Daniel Birnbaum, Beatriz Colomina, Mark Wigley and Johan Bettum, Städelschule Architecture Class is known for encompassing cutting-edge design and exciting investigations into the realm of contemporary architectural discourse.

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Dates of publication:
SAC JOURNAL 1: June 2014
SAC JOURNAL 2: July 2015
SAC JOURNAL 3: Spring 2016

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