Place, Practice, Politics

Author: Esther Anatolitis

ISBN 978-3-88778-615-1

240 Pages

Format: 12 x 16,5 cm

Language: englisch

1. Auflage, Softcover

Published: September 2021

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What futures are we designing by default? What collaborations are we complicit in? How can we incorporate an active civic engagement into our professional and creative practice – into our everyday lives? Esther Anatolitis presents a dynamic snapshot of her own practice from a distinctly Australian context but with a global perspective, offering tools and techniques for integrating civic engagement into daily practice. Taking leaps across spatial, creative, professional and political work, this is an unsettling text.


Esther Anatolitis is one of Australia’s leading advocates for the creative industries. Her work promotes critical reflection on practice and active civic engagement. Across two decades Esther has led arts and media organisations, consulted on cultural policy, facilitated industry cooperation on political engagement, and created Australia’s first arts advocacy training program.

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