Inflection 03 - New Order Journal

ISBN 978-3-88778-480-5

144 Pages

Format: 20 x 24 cm

Language: english

Paperback (also available as e-book)

Published: October 2016

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In the context of recent global political and economic disruption, architecture seems no longer equipped to address the demands of contemporary society as an isolated discipline. One solution offered in this crisis of relevance is the notion of transdisciplinarity characterised by the hybridisation of distinct disciplines. Transdisciplinarity is the New Order. Inflection Volume 3 explores the achievements, limitations and future implications of this transdisciplinary age, weaving together a fragment of the tapestry that is expanded architectural practice. In tracing the trajectory of this New Order, this issue uncovers the matter that binds architecture together in this fragmented, yet hyperconnected epoch.

Inflection is a student-run design journal based at the Melbourne School of Design, Melbourne University. Born from a desire to stimulate debate and generate ideas, it advocates the discursive voice of students, academics and practitioners. Founded in 2013, Inflection is a home for provocative writing – a place to share ideas and engage with contemporary discourse.

Editors: Courtney Foote, John Gatip and Jil Raleigh

Academic Advisor Dr AnnMarie Brennan


AADR: Art Architecture Design Research

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