Architecture Drawing Topology

Author: Cort Ross Dinesen, Inger Berling Hyams, Morten Meldgaard, Anders Michelsen, Henrik Oxvig

ISBN 978-3-88778-470-6

304 Pages

Format: 25 x 31 cm

Language: english

Published: October 2017

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About this book

This book presents contributions of drawing and text along with their many relationalities from ontology to history and vice versa in a range of reflections on architecture, drawing and topology. We hope to thereby indicate the potential of the theme in understanding not only the architecture of today, but – perhaps most importantly – also creating and producing architecture that is contemporaneous and reacts to the radical changes of the physical world which surrounds us in the increasingly artificial measures of new materialities and understandings thereof.

The contributions range from the intricate issues of the imagination and the moving ratio in the topological culture, over urban topology, diagrammatisation, mediality and dynamics of transduction in the contemporary artificial environment.


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