The Art of Marvin Rubin

Selected Illustrations 1972-1984

ISBN 978-3-88778-631-1

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The Art of Marvin Rubin

Selected Illustrations 1973-1984

Collected and presentet by Lutz Reineke


This book is not a novel, nor an autobiography - but stick with me and you'll find over 230 pages packed with the most quirky and unique American vintage line art about all your favorite vegetables, indoor plamts amd healthy greens alike.


Rubin is an American illustrator, graphic designer, caricuratist and teacher, originating from Los Angeles, California. Having designed for various institutions and customers ever since his graduation from UCLA, Rubin (if not by name, but by work) is widely known for his outstanding album cover art for Mort Garson's 1976 experimental electronic album "Plantasia".

But there is more to be discovered.


During the span of more than a decade Rubin accompanied authors Ms. Lynn Rapp and Mr. Joel on their journey to teach about maintaining indoor flora and vegetarian diets. Rubins artworks are to be found throughout these publications and set the tone for gorgeous-to-look-at fantastic reads. This book gives these illustrations a stage of their own, which they truly deserve.


Dive into the wonderful world of Marvin Rubin.