idea journal Vol. 17 No. 1

interior techncity: unplugged and/or switched on IDEA

Autor: IDEA

ISBN 978-3-88778-916-9

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Erscheinungstermin: Oktober 2020

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Interior Technicity: Unplugged and/ or Switched On invites

reflection on how interiors have always been augmenting entities and how they continue to be so—in other words, extending, facilitating and consolidating bodies within socio-cultural environments. Rather than seeing an interior as an ‘inside’ in opposition to a world beyond, it asks what modes of ‘folding inward’ have equipped and enabled the spatial environment? Technicity—the world of tools and technical objects that extend and mediate memory, as Bernard Steigler (1998) describes it—has never been what inside-ness, in its sheltering of life, keeps at bay; mediation is from the start technical, indexed to inscribing practices rich in temporal and embodied implications. By this reading, interiors have always been augmented and augmenting (in the sense of the Latin“augmentare”: to increase, enlarge, or enrich).


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